The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Materials in Production Engineering

  • Application and Development
  • Heat Treatments and Surface Engineering
  • Tribology
Manufacturing Technologies
  • Casting
  • Forming
  • Polimer Processing
  • Welding and Similar Processes
  • Machining
    • HSC, HSM, HFM, HP Machining
    • Nonconventional Machining
    • Hard, Dry, MQL/C Machining
    • Micro Machining and Hybrid Machining
    • Cutting Tools

Aditive Manufacturing

Logistics and Industrial Engineering
Production Management and Production Economics
Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems
  • Conventional and CNC Machine Tools
  • Flexible Machining Systems
  • Advanced Machining Systems
  • Reconfigurable Machine Tools
  • Virtual and Digital Machine Tools
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Smart Machining Systems and Autonomous Systems
Robots and Sensors
Quality Management and Quality Assurance
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • CAD, CAM, ICIMS, ...
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
  • Factory Automation
Trends in Manufacturing & Automation
Artificial Intelligence
Adaptive Control
Vision Systems
Digitalization and Reengineering
Simulation and Modelling

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